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Safety berth for small crafts, pleasure boats and yachts
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Shrink wrap packing of boats, yachts,
speedsters, automobiles and industrial equipment for long storage and transportation
packing of yachts, boats, snowmobiles, speedsters and other equipment for long storage and transportation;
packing of bulky cargoes, machinery, tools at factories for long storage and transportation;
temporary shelters (hangars) for storage of construction materials, equipment, goods and construction works;
screen for scaffolding for restoration, deconstructing and constructing buildings;
conservation of the buildings;
packing of goods on pallets.

Advantages of Shrink Packaging:
it is completely waterproof and tightly fits the object;
it has a high mechanical strength and resistance to all weather conditions;
it reduces the cost of packing; work with it is simple and safe;
packing unit may be provided with additional ventilation because of overhead hatches and it prevents accumulation of moisture;
there is a possibility to place special zipper access door to enter inside;
allows the storage of goods or equipment outdoors.

Special inner layer of high-tech film with patented antimicrobial coating kills bacteria of mold and algae.
Our package while heated shrinks to a density of plastic and takes the form of an object. We use a film with thickness of 18 mm. This density of the material optimally protects your product from environmental influences. Other packing materials can be abrasive or may promote condensation, it is hard to work them and they do not provide the necessary strength. Our film, because of patented composition, provides excellent protection against corrosion in the most adverse conditions. The outer layer is a special type of polyethylene; in the middle is a layer of adhesive, which is hot melt; and the inner layer - is a non-woven polyester.  Exactly this layer prevents any surface with a colorful or gelkoatnym coating from chafing. Dear customers receive exclusive services. With us, you will have new features of storage and transportation of your yacht.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Baltic Agent Company Ltd. offers new,
easy and practical method of packaging
Industrial packaging - is a high-tech shrink wrap, which shrinks while heated to the density of plastic and takes the shape of an object. We use a film with thickness of 18 mm. This density of the material optimally protects your product from environmental influences. Our packing shrinks and tights to the object. Thus, there is no problem  with windage of cover - with a strong wind it was torn and it was damaging the product.

- Clean and safety for the new season
- Protection of the deck and hull
- Protection from bird droppings
- Anaerobic space inside the capsule
- Destruction of bacteria of mold and algae
- Anti-corrosion inner layer
- Reduced wear
- It saves your time
- It reduces the risk of theft

Packaging for Storage
During long transportation packaging protects your cargo from damage and adverse weather and temperature conditions. Unlike tarpaulin, our packaging is not limited by the size of the object. While shrinking it tights to the object, and it eliminates the effect of windage. Packaging is waterproof.
All that we can not achieve with tarpaulin.


- Protection from rain and spray on wet roads
- Protection against theft
- Clean and safety of the vessel at the point of destination
- Your customer care
- Protection from contaminants: oil, coal tar, dust, etc.
Packaging for transportation
Structural metals during storage in humid conditions of shipyards or boat parkings, usually are prone to corrosion, which is not easy to deal with. Our company uses a film with corrosion inhibitors - known chemicals which inhibit the electrochemical processes on metal surfaces. Now, instead of covering steel parts with a thick layer of grease which is difficult to remove, it enough to wrap them tightly with the shrink film. The invisible and non-toxic inhibitor which is applied to the surface of the film gradually evaporate and covers the surface of the protected metal, stopping corrosion. After unpacking the protected object inhibitor completely evaporates, leaving clean metal which is untouched with rust.
Step 1 - Tightening the perimeter with 19 mm polypropylene tape, to create a lower base.
Step 2 - According to the size of the object, cover it with a film and cut the extra flaps.
Step 3 - Shrinking along the perimeter of the material base, using a special industrial gas dryer.
Step 4 - After this we shrink the film around the object.
Step 5 - After shrink is complited, we place vents and zipper access door.
Step 6 - Object presentation to the customer
Photos of the packaged objects